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10 Summer Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

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[0:29] Welcome to the PE Express podcast. Today, we’re gonna talk about getting students active in the summer, and as physical educators, we always try to promote this. But how do we get engagement for the whole family for summer activities?

[0:44] Joining me today is Karen Brunell, Texas P.T.A. healthy lifestyles liaison. Thanks for joining me, Karen,

I know what I tried to promote for my students before we let out for the summer, but what are some tips that you can share to help us get parents to involve their kids in summer activities when it’s so hot?

[1:02] Karen Brunell: Thanks Chris for having me.

1. Home Improvement Store Workshops

[1:05] So a couple of things I just want to start with are the pretty basic ones you can find like home improvement store workshops, there are classes that are offered in the air condition and you can get out of your house and possibly inspire some projects to keep your family active all summer.

2. Supermarket Scavenger Hunts

[1:21] Another idea is to try supermarket scavenger hunts. If you search for food scavenger hunts, you can find pre-prepared riddles that can help your children searching for healthy items while getting their exercise too.

3. Marathon Kids Walk and Talk

[1:35] Another great program that’s recently started is, Marathon Kids walk and talk. If you search marathon kids, you can find conversation starter cards, one for each mile that you can walk and talk with your child. Just try to remember to get those morning walks before it gets too hot.

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4. Natural Swimming Spots

[1:53] Water parks and pools are always fun to but don’t forget Mother Nature offers a variety of natural swimming spots. So search to see what your state has to offer

5. Search for Cold Lunch Ideas

[2:03] With all of that physical activity, you’re bound to work up an appetite. But if you don’t want to heat up your kitchen for lunches, you can search for cold lunch ideas and come up with ideas such as lettuce wraps, cold noodle salad, or egg salad sandwiches to keep you cool.

[2:20] Chris Nichols: Karen, those are some great ideas for the hot days, but do you have any additional thoughts for the cooler nights?

[2:27] Karen Brunell: Great point Chris, because sometimes the summer nights really aren’t that cool.

6. Healthy Kids Meals

So if you want to go out to dinner as a family, but you don’t want your kids to pick from the same old items on a kids menu, you can check out the kids fit menu. It’s healthier kids meals created by culinary art students, the first to launch nationwide as La Madeleine, but stay tuned for more restaurants in the future.

7. Meal Delivery Services

[2:52] Or maybe you want to stay in for dinner, but you need to sharpen your knives or cooking skills. There are lots of mail delivery services now that not only deliver fresh ingredients to your door but also help you try some new foods perfect for a night in, in the air condition.

8. Go Noodle Brain Breaks

[3:08] So now if you want to get your wiggles out after dinner, there are lots of great web-based brain breaks such as go noodle that will have you moving and you can make it a family challenge to even do one every hour and everyone might sleep a little bit better that night.

9. Candlelight Yoga

[3:24] Or for a calmer activity, you can try candlelight yoga, close the curtains, and use battery-powered candles to set the tone for evening yoga If you’re not sure how to lead your kids through yoga, there are many Youtube videos to help even the novice Yogi.

10. Bored and Brilliant

[3:40] Lastly for adults, if you search bored and brilliant, they have a series of challenges that were developed to help you detach from your phone and think more creatively. You can also check out the bored and brilliant book and read that before going to bed instead of watching TV.

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