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Helpful Mnemonics Cheat Sheet To Make Memorising For O-Ranges Simpler For You

by admin

O-Ranges require a number of reminiscence work, which might be one of many hardest and most time-consuming challenges that you just face whenever you’re learning in your exams. Even in case you have mastered the talents and strategies, you may’t apply them in your examination should you can’t memorise what you want to.

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Utilizing mnemonics is a hack that’s usually adopted by college students from all around the globe. You make memorisation simpler by forming tales or rhymes which you can affiliate with what you want to keep in mind. It can aid you to make sure that the knowledge you want to memorise will likely be effortlessly caught in your head.

I’ve compiled a fast cheat sheet of mnemonics for the completely different O-Stage topics which are going to be helpful for you.

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You may already know a few of them, or you may uncover new ones which are going to ease your burden throughout your revision.


For English, spelling is usually a wrestle for a lot of, particularly the generally misspelled phrases. It’s additional difficult for phrases with the identical sounds however is spelled in another way.

However I’ve obtained simply the hack so that you can differentiate the spelling for some phrases which are usually complicated for college kids.

‘ie’ or ‘ei’?

Quite a lot of college students have difficulties differentiating whether or not the phrase needs to be spelled with an ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ once they each sound the identical.

Examples of some phrases which are spelled with:


  • Imagine
  • Perception
  • Thief
  • Obtain
  • Chief
  • Piece
  • Yield


  • Obtain
  • Deceive
  • Receipt
  • Ceiling
  • Conceit
  • Understand

When doubtful, all the time keep in mind the rule of thumb: “I earlier than E, besides after C”. Do you see it?

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Repeat this mnemonic everytime you’re spelling these phrases and you’ll by no means combine them up once more.

‘Principal’ or ‘precept’?

These two phrases sound the identical however have completely completely different meanings; one is your faculty principal, whereas the opposite is a perception or rule.

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When doubtful, keep in mind that: “A principal is all the time a buddy.”

Since a pal is a buddy, keep in mind that ‘principal’ refers back to the particular person: your faculty principal.

Spelling ‘Obligatory’

One ‘C’, two ‘S’s? One ‘S’, two ‘C’s? Spelling ‘obligatory’ can nonetheless be very complicated for a lot of.

Simply keep in mind the outfit: “One Collar and Two Socks”. One ‘c’ and two ‘s’s!

Spelling ‘Exaggerate’

You may nonetheless be spelling ‘exaggerate’ with just one ’G’. 

Keep in mind: “Goofy Greg beloved to magnify”. Spell ‘exaggerate’ with two ‘G’s!

Credit: Oxford Royale

Extra Arithmetic

Sum and Product of Roots

Apart from needing to grasp the ideas, Extra Arithmetic additionally requires you to memorise a number of formulation that you’ll want to make use of to resolve your issues, they usually can change into complicated.

One set of formulation that you want to memorise is the sum and product roots. This set of formulation shouldn’t be supplied within the given formulation sheet.

So what’s a simple strategy to keep in mind how one can clear up for the sum and product of roots? Simba and Pica!

Simba: Sum of roots Is Minus B over A

Pica: Product of roots Is C over A

Credit score: Apex Math Tuition Singapore

Consider these two cute characters and also you gained’t mess up the formulation anymore!

Elementary Arithmetic

Order of Operations

Picture credit score: Miss Quinn Teaches

In the case of fixing an extended, sophisticated math downside with many operations, you completely have to know which operation to begin with.

Should you clear up within the mistaken order of operations, you’ll get a very completely different reply.

The order of operations is among the fundamentals that you want to get proper, or it is going to value you to lose pointless marks in lots of questions.

So, you may simply memorise the order of operations by remembering “BODMAS”:

  • Brackets
  • Orders (Powers/Indices/Roots)
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric ratios are used loads in O-Stage Elementary Arithmetic the place you want to keep in mind tips on how to clear up for the lengths and angles in a triangle.

There are three lengths in a triangle:

  • Hypotenuse (the longest facet of the triangle)
  • Adjoining (the size adjoining/subsequent to the recognized angle, however not the hypotenuse)
  • Reverse (the size reverse the recognized angle)

Three trigonometric features that can be utilized:

  • Sine (Sin)
  • Cosine (Cos)
  • Tangent (Tan)

These are sometimes used interchangeably, so how are you going to keep in mind tips on how to use them respectively? By remembering “TOA CAH SOH” (Huge-Footed Girl in Hokkien):

Tangent angle = Opposite size over Adjacent size

Cosine angle = Adjacent size over Hypotenuse

Sine angle = Opposite size over Hypotenuse

This catchy phrase that’s very Singaporean will aid you to match the trigonometric ratios with no problem.


The 4 Most Generally Used Alkanes

Alkanes are a collection of saturated hydrocarbons (carbon and hydrogen). It’s a big part in chemistry that you’ll want to determine in your papers.

In O-Ranges, they are going to often solely require you to memorise the primary 4, that are methane, ethane, propane, and butane.

There’s a very simple approach so that you can keep in mind the order of those alkanes:

  • Methane (Megan)
  • Ethane (Eats)
  • Propane (Peanut)
  • Butane (Butter)

Reactivity Sequence of Metals

The reactivity collection is one other important record that you want to memorise, as chemistry is loads about reactions.

Completely different metals within the periodic desk have completely different reactivities and are positioned in an order.

You will want to know which of the metals will react first and many others., because the questions will certainly check you on these.

You need to use this easy sentence:

  • Potassium (Please)
  • Sodium (Cease)
  • Calcium (Calling)
  • Magnesium (Me)
  • Aluminium (A)
  • Zinc (Zebra)
  • Iron (As an alternative)
  • Tin (Inform)
  • Lead (Laura)
  • Hydrogen (How)
  • Copper (Copper)
  • Silver (Strengthens)
  • Gold (Gold)

Credit score: SimpleChemConcepts


Picture Credit score: Biology On-line

Carbohydrates are natural compounds that may often be damaged right down to launch vitality within the physique.

There are various kinds of carbohydrates: easy carbohydrates which have monosaccharides (easiest carbohydrates) and dissacharides (double sugars). There are additionally advanced carbohydrates that are lengthy chains of sugar molecules strung collectively.

You will want to know some examples of every of the kinds of carbohydrates, and that is how one can memorise them:

Easy Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides

  • Glucose (Good)
  • Galactose (Lady)
  • Fructose (Good friend)

Easy Carbohydrates: Disaccharides

  • Maltose (My)
  • Lactose (Lazy)
  • Sucrose (Son)

Complicated Carbohydrates

  • Starch (So)
  • Glycogen (Good)


Electromagnetic waves

In line with The Financial Instances, electromagnetic waves “are created because of vibrations between an electrical area and a magnetic area.”

These are the kinds of electromagnetic waves which are organized from Lengthy Wavelength, Low Frequency, Brief Wavelength, Excessive Frequency.

  • Radio waves (Ruby’s)
  • Microwaves (Mom)
  • Infrared waves (Is)
  • Seen waves (Visiting)
  • Ultraviolet waves (Uncle)
  • X-ray (Xavier’s)
  • Gamma-ray (Backyard)

Relationship between Focal Size and Object & Picture distance, from a lens or mirror

To calculate the focal size, distance of object, or distance of picture, the formulation used is:

1/f = 1/do + 1/di

To recollect this formulation effortlessly, keep in mind “If I do, I die”, the place:

  • “f” = Focal size
  • “do” = Distance of Object
  • “di” = Distance of Picture

Credit score: Mnemonic System


The Seven Continents

One of many topic for Mixed Humanities is Geography. Understanding what the continents are is essential! Don’t mistake continents for international locations or states.

Right here’s how:

  • Europe (Eat)
  • Asia (An)
  • Africa (Apple)
  • Australia (As)
  • Antarctica (A)
  • North America (Nighttime)
  • South America (Snack)

Credit score: Seterra


Quite a lot of topics within the O-Ranges are content-heavy and require reminiscence work to do nicely. It’s dangerous should you hope that your mind will magically keep in mind what you want to keep in mind whenever you attempt to research simply by studying it time and again. 

I hope that the mnemonics that I’ve shared could be helpful for these taking the O-Ranges!

Do you’ve gotten some other fascinating ways in which you used to memorise content material? Share with us within the feedback beneath!

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